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Photo, 23rd Oct 2010

As its primary purpose, this domain served as the host for the original fansite I'd created for the works of author Sharon Shinn, a site that had its beginnings in my college days, hosted on a meager student account and dating back to a time when Sharon and her works had no online presence. As time went on, I began using the domain to host more of my own material, and with Sharon having become quite active online, the fansite became less necessary. As my professional and personal commitments have certainly grown over the years, I will freely admit that maintaining that site was something for which I did not have as much time as it deserved, and so the fansite itself has long since been archived.

Professionally, I began my career as an applications and compounding chemist in the adhesives industry more than twenty years ago, initially with a primary focus on waterborne polymer systems but expanding quite broadly through a range of other technologies over time. My career trajectory was quite organic, and gave me a great many opportunities to learn and grow in other aspects of the business: production, regulatory, marketing, project management. More recently in my career, I've made the transition from technical to commercial roles in the broader fine and specialty chemicals industry, but still find myself quite thankful for the technical depth I learned early on.

Photo, 3rd August 2019

Outside of the office space, I spend time with my family and with a range of pursuits and interests. I competed in my first triathlon in 2009 with a spontanous entry in a local sprint-distance race, and have been actively training and racing since then. (While I'm not usually on the podium, I am modestly competitive and do place occasionally.) I am a fairly avid reader, primarily but not exclusively of speculative fiction genres, and usually have a fairly large "to-be-read" stack at hand. I have a growing interest in woodworking and joinery, and have been honing my skills on mostly-practical projects for a few years now, with more ambitious plans on the horizon. On occasion, I sing (typically as a tenor, sometimes as a baritone) in choral groups and as a soloist, and have been fortunate enough over the years to have been a member of choirs at Mount Mary University and the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, to name a few.

I have also devoted quite a bit of effort to researching my family's history and establishing our genealogy. As I was lucky enough to inherit files, information, and keepsakes from older generations in my family, and could build upon their very substantial work, I wanted to be able to grant others the same foundation that I received. I also have a strong desire to make sure that the information I have is properly validated and substantiated, with research that will withstand scrutiny. For this reason, I offer the entirety of my work, with notes and sources, on a separate part of this site - that can be found in a link on the right. I have initial drafts of a larger family history volume I intend to finish and publish as heirloom hardcovers some day, but I fear completion of that may become a retirement project.

The sidebar panels also contain a variety of other information to share, as well as links to a few external sites. As I am not active on social media, email is the best way to reach me for additional information or with questions.